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O Holy Night

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Waiting for Santa

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Baby Samantha has been very good today.  We went to Christmas Eve services, where she snuggled up on my shoulder and fell asleep during the candlelight singing of O Holy Night.  She woke up briefly to check out the live nativity scene, complete with camel, goats, and sheep, as well as some 16 year old wise men.  Photos to come on this one.

Then, she fell asleep in the car and went to bed when we got home -- are visions of sugarplums dancing in her head?

You'd Better Watch Out... Better Not Cry

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Baby Samantha is on her best behavior anticipating the big day!  Grandma and Grandpa get here tonight, so she'll have lots of excitement.



Let's Be Jolly!

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Samantha_017_web(rev 0).jpg


Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe helps to make the season bright...  But that doesn't even compare to a laughing baby with red feathers on her head!

Maybe she's so merry because she has started rolling... rolling... rolling!  If I leave her alone for a few minutes, I find her several feet from where I left her.  We had a real breakthrough in physical therapy this week, and she came home and started rolling, reaching, and moving in ways she never has before.  Santa can check me off his list - that's the only present I wanted!

Hope you're all having a bright and happy holiday.

Oops, I almost forgot.  Photo credits go to my photographer extraordinaire, Misty Green.  You can see her full portfolio at  I'll post Sam's last photoshoot in its entirety over the Christmas holidays.  Misty did an incredible job, as usual.


I think we're back in action

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Sorry for the long delay in posting.  Baby Sam has had a really bad stomach virus.  This has been a real battle for a germaphobe like myself.  I can't tell you how much mental steeling it's taken not to flinch when that little angel has gotten sick all over my pants.

Then I look at this little face... 

and what can I say.  I just feel so bad for her.12 09 07 001_edited-1.jpg

Nana sent Samantha some new Cowboys warm-ups.  They're still a little big, but they should be just right by the SUPERBOWL!

12 09 07 003.jpg

Samantha is trying to get ready for Christmas, in spite of the nasty bug.  Here she is in her "Elf in Training" onesie.