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Sam and Evan Go to the Zoo

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On Tuesday, which has to have been the hottest day on record, Emma and I thought it would be pure genius to take the babies to the zoo.  To give myself a smidge of credit, we were taking advantage of the fact that Nanny Jamie needed the day off, so I wasn't working.  It wasn't quite as inane as it sounds.


05 20 08 007_edited-1.jpg

As you can see, they weren't exactly enthusiastic when we got started.












Things looked up quickly, though.  Although she bought me a membership to the zoo last mother's day, this seemed to be the first time Samantha was old enough to really notice the animals and get excited about things.  In the picture below she is so excited her hands and feet are wiggling like crazy.

05 20 08 008.jpg














One delightful thing about taking a friend along - I can prove I was there!

05 20 08 012_edited-1.jpg

























The Aftermath

05 20 08 017.jpg














And a bonus shot of today, because she's being super-cute.

05 25 08 001_edited-1-1.jpg


Latest updates:  Samantha is mimicking lots of sounds.  She's very good at giving kisses and has learned to give hugs, too.  She's recently learned to sign "baby", which she uses to ask for her favorite baby doll.

She had a cold this week (thanks, Evan...) and proved that she is able to fight off these little bugs pretty well.  She's such a trooper.  She took her medicine without complaint and even sat still and leaned forward to let us use the nasal aspirator.  Non-parents are no doubt bemused by that last bit, but anyone who has tried to shove one of those puppies into the nose of a wiggling baby will be quite impressed.  She's truly a sweet, sweet girl.  We are so lucky!

Computers: Samantha's New Hobby

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The funniest feeling

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I can't put my finger on it, but for the past two days I've just had the feeling that Samantha is somehow older.  She just seems more able to entertain herself, more likely to try to get things for herself, more interested in watching the things that adults around her are doing.

Per the suggestion of her physical therapist, we also removed the bumper on her crib.  We are hoping this may help her to start pulling to sit on the bars.  I can't help but feel nervous that she's going to stick a leg through and injure herself, but I am told that's part of the learning/growing process too.


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Baby Samantha has learned to give kisses (well, she doesn't pucker up, but she puts her lips against my cheek when I say "Give Mommy a kiss").  She's working on blowing kisses to say "bye bye" as well.

From a mommy point of view, there can't be many things sweeter than the first time you get a kiss from your baby!

PT Feedback

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I am so excited.  Samantha saw two separate physical therapists yesterday and both think she is likely to crawl within the next few weeks!  Is this a "be careful what you wish for" moment in the making?

She is doing great.  Apparently this morning she was pushing off of the furniture to scoot herself around the living room.  Hooray!


Quirky Girl

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We're going to have to teach our beautiful girl some manners.  She has taken to waving bye-bye and signing "All Done!" whenever she's had enough of someone. 

She's starting to look much more like a toddler these days, especially when Nanny Jamie puts her hair in pigtails.
















What we're up to these days:

-  Samantha is seeing yet another therapist, this time for feeding issues.  At 13+ months, she still maxes out at Cheerios and stage 2 baby food.  I'd really like to be able to see her eat table food by the time she goes to school.

-  She had her one year assessment, and she's really looking quite good in most areas other than gross motor.

-  Mommy has gone back to work full-time (for herself this time) and has great visions of revolutionizing small business marketing.

-  Samantha enjoys entertaining her frequent guests!

Papa Cal Is Wrapped Around My Finger














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Self Portrait with Mommy