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Samantha and Friends

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Now Samantha is bringing in her posse to mess up my cabinets.  Here, Even has a go at the kitchen.














Matt, a little older and wiser than Evan, may keep her out of a bit of trouble.  Our friend Matt was so sweet.  He's only 10 days older than Samantha, but I swear he seems like he's two years old -- walking confidently, jumping, saying some words, sharing, eating grapes...  It's a flash forward.  He was terrific with Sam and even shared his cars with her.















Danielle got her after dinner workout by comparing the two kids' weights while the paparazzi snapped pix.  








Fathers Day Weekend

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Just had to include this photo of Samantha in a dress Uncle Keith brought her from Finland LAST Fathers Day weekend.  It seemed like she would NEVER be big enough to wear it!

fathers Day-4.jpg

fathers Day-3.jpg


Samantha and Daddy play one of Sam's favorite games.












Sam made Daddy a card for Fathers Day that he seemed to like.


fathers Day-1.jpg
fathers Day-2.jpg

More fun for Sam.  These days, if Carl lifts her overhead, she flings herself backwards to hang upside down.  Baby Bat.


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Sam had a great time last weekend.  Aunt Kristy came in town, and Samantha got to play with her and give kisses.















While we cooked, she indulged in her favorite activity, which I like to call:




























And then, there was SWIMMING (ok, sitting in a big puddle -- but it's a big thing when you're only 1).


Oldies but Goodies

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We recently took Samantha for her first carousel ride. 



We started on the horse, but that was a little scary.
















I had always wondered why they even had bench seats on merry-go-rounds.  Turns out, that's the best place for a screaming child.

Here, we have things under control for the camera.

















While I was away in Kansas City recently, Carl downloaded some photos off of his phone onto the computer.  There were some real treasures!

There were a lot of Samantha swinging at the various parks.  She LOVES to swing.  She can now say "swuh."  Which we think means "swing", since it's usually in context.  Today, she had one therapy session and one baby gym play session.  In both cases, she got to play on the swing, and in both cases, she cried when she had to stop.

























Sam still likes to go out for Mexican food.




























Sam is just giddy in this photo with "Gigi" - aka Ann Lorenz.



















Sam proved she could use a straw by drinking a full pint of water without breathing.  It was a hot day.

Note, the pic was at Star Pizza, where mom and dad had their first date!  Aww...


















What a Week!

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Sorry for the radio silence.  It has been a hard few days.  I left town unexpectedly last Tuesday to visit my grandmother, who was not well, leaving Sam and Carl to fend for themselves.  As it turned out, I was blessed to be able to spend her last few days with her, and was there through Sunday, when we held a visitation.

Upon returning, I had 24 hours to build a 25 page website to meet a client deadline.  It looks pretty good, all things considered, although I will continue tweaking it over the next week or so:  http://www.educorp.com.  God bless Tim Ward, my associate up in Canada.  He's worked tirelessly on this with no notice, and without him it wouldn't be done.  If you ever need a fantastic web developer, let me know - Tim's your go-to guy.

Meanwhile, Tank, our 14 year old cat, has been ailing, and had to be put to sleep this morning.  We got some last photos of Tank last night, with Samantha.

Gimme Kitty!

06 03 08 028_edited-1.jpg














Clearly, Samantha was entirely insensitive to the issues.

06 03 08 027.jpg