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Chubby Little Bunny

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Samantha has gained weight!  We have been in AGONY trying to get this child to eat.  It seems like we spend most of our waking hours trying to force food or milk into her.  And finally, FINALLY, she's made some progress.

At her 18 month check up this week, Samantha weighed in at a whopping 20 lb 15 oz!

Other stats:  31 inches tall, FOC (head circumf) 48 9/16. 

All good.  She's now around the 5th percentile in weight, around 50th in height, and around 99th in FOC.


Caroline's Wedding Weekend

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Time for some retroactive blogging.  I'd be terribly remiss if I didn't at least post a few pictures from the absolutely wonderful wedding weekend in Dallas.

Caroline was a beautiful and gracious bride, Barry was a charming groom (and new "brother" for me!), and there were PACKS of family members all about. Our relatives from Sweden, Helen's family, Cal's family, Barry's family, my own parents...  It was quite a crowd!  When we gathered for drinks in the hotel lobby, we pretty well consumed the place. And a good time was had by all.
























This is the first wedding I've attended since Samantha arrived, and I found myself completely undone by the daddy-daughter dance. 


IMG_1588(rev 1).jpg
But then, I was completely undone by many things at the wedding.  I had to pause and fan myself during my own reading to keep from bursting into sobs.  It was a gorgeous wedding, and I love Caroline and Barry, but I think there may be just a little bit of hormonal disruption going on thanks to the bun in the oven.  Maybe?

















I don't know what this was, but it looks like it was fun!

IMG_1606(rev 0).jpg























Carl and I got to enjoy the wedding ALMOST as much as the bride and groom, knowing that Samantha was safely tucked away with Nana.  Hmm.  I wonder what they talked about while we were out?






















And Samantha got to see her Grandma and Grandpa from Memphis, too!

IMG_1535(rev 0).jpg














It was a spectacular weekend; these photos hardly do it justice.  I hope the honeymoon was as much fun as the wedding!

We are fine!

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I had several emails and phone calls checking on us and the impact of Hurricane Ike before it occurred to me that the blog is a good way to let folks know we are ok.  Cut me some slack.  Stressed-out, pregnant women aren't known to be quick.

Anyway, we are fine.  Bless my dear in-laws, they've agreed to put up with our craziness for a few days while we get our power back.  Samantha is having the time of her life -- their cat lets Sam pet her, they have a pool, and there are grandparents to dote on her.  Props to the grandparents.  And thank you to all the family members on both sides who have so generously offered their homes, time, and resources as well.

It appears Sam and I will probably be home by Sunday.  Carl's office opens again Thursday, so he'll be back even sooner.

And when we get there, I will download some FABULOUS pix of the wedding weekend and Sam with the relatives.

More soon... 

Viking Invasion!

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I must have taken 100 pictures this week.  Samantha's cousins from Sweden were in town for a couple of days to visit, and the kids were adorable together. 

However, between getting ready for Caroline's wedding and Hurricane Ike (oh, yeah, and serving as hostess, mom and marketing guru), I haven't had much time for blogging.

So here's a quick post with minimal narration.  Enjoy.


Samantha was good about sharing her toys. 

She seemed to be pretty relaxed about the company.













It helped that they brought MORE cool toys with them.  Check out this pink Brio car!  Sweet!













Had to treat the international guests to Tex Mex at our fave restaurant.  Unfortunately, Samantha let out a Viking belch and threw up everywhere.  I spent the last half hour sitting outside with her.  But there were MARGARITAS!















The girls requested a Mary Kay party.  Thanks, Tammey (my fabulous friend and MK rep)!  She did before and after pix.  We are only going to post the "after".  
























And I can't forget the belly shot.  Karin and I are due just 10 days apart!





















Carl's cousin Robert and his charming son Philip.  As far as I can tell, this child is ALWAYS this happy. 















That's it for now.  More after the wedding.  Sayonara, Ike!

Are You Ready for Some Football?

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Samantha is!



Hip, Baby!

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Picked up this onesie at Caroline's bridal shower at the House of Blues a few weeks ago.  Love it!  What you don't see is "House of Blues" written across the backside.

Here, Samantha plays her "hair guitar" (ha).

09 01 08 004.jpg