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Little Pumpkin

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Here's the promised photo of Samantha in her chair.  Bonus, she's wearing a sweet little pumpkin outfit from Grandma. 

Last night she decided she actually wanted to go from standing at the ottoman to sitting in her chair, with no help or coaxing, while I was on the phone.  Normally, she just waves her hand and shouts "Da!" (down) like the princess she is, and I talk her in to the chair like some sort of infant air traffic controller.  I guess she figured she was getting no help from mommy since I was chatting away, so she squinted her eyes, stuck out her little fanny, concentrated super-hard and went through the most exaggerated process to sit -- and she was so proud when she had!


Our Little Stinker

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Samantha attended her first Halloween party of the "season" on Monday evening at Gymboree.  1 1/2 hours of mayhem was a little much (for all of us), but she had a good time. 

She enjoyed her costume.  She wasn't too keen on the hat until I showed her in the mirror and talked up how cool the ears were, then she had no more complaints.

Check out the expression of sheer delight in the photo with the bubbles.  This is pure joy.

Happy Halloween!









































Great day!

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Today, Samantha borrowed a little chair from one of her therapists, and it's working wonders already!  She stands and sits from her little throne... pix to come.

Chicken Nugget!

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Everybody dance!  Samantha ate almost a whole chicken nugget today!  OK, it was in pieces that we hand-placed in her mouth, and it wasn't exactly her choice, but they were pretty big bites and she chewed and swallowed them with NO problems at all. She even chased it with 1% milk through a straw.  Yes, I went to McDonalds on our way to occupational therapy.  What a great mommy I have turned out to be!

Maybe she just gags and chokes because she's tired of purees.  I would be.

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

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We didn't incur any serious damage from Ike at all.  Even the stuff that fell managed not to hit anything important.

This tree actually snapped off and conveniently landed right in the pick-up zone!

















Here's the rest of the brush pile Ike left for us.  It's about 7 feet tall, and at least as wide.  Talk about a canopy cleaning.















All down our street the brush was stacked as high as the cars.  A few folks had trees on roofs or fences, but generally the damage right around us was pretty superficial.















This family lost 6 big trees.  Their entire driveway is filled with the stumps and brush.  Interestingly, it must have improved the appearance of their lot.  Their house sold last week.














And now, I have only one Hurricane Ike related task remaining.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to hire a tree trimming company around here these days?  But I think you'll agree that this red oak is in serious need.  Maybe a good excuse to thin out some of the rest, too.  There's a silver lining in every cloud!




Our Evacu-Cation

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In case anyone was feeling sorry for us in our evacuation plight, I thought I'd put that to rest once and for all.  Here are some photos from our family "evacu-cation" during Hurricane Ike in Palmer, TX with Samantha's grandparents.

KF Communications' New HQ















Farmer Farmor















Pretty Cool - When It's Not in the Pool

Sam loved the pool, but NOT floating on her own yet.  She asked to swim from the moment she got up to the moment she went to bed.  "Swa!  Swa!".
























Literary Studies
























No idea... If in doubt, she's watching "Signing Time".  Samantha learned the ASL sign for her favorite show and asks for it all day, every day.















Look, this kitty doesn't run away.  Yet.
















The Maestro Selects
























Many thanks to the Mentzers for making what could have been a very stressful week an absolute joy.  We love you!

It Just Doesn't Get Any Better

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Thanks, Dave, Amy, Gus and Elaina, for hosting the Friddle Family for our big vacation weekend!  We had such a wonderful time.

We went to Florida for a long weekend at Anna Maria, and Samantha absolutely LOVED it.  We came home last Monday night (sorry for the delayed posting), and Sam was still "talking" (via sign language) about the sand, fish and birds this morning.



We were all very excited to be at the airport.  With kids, nothing is guaranteed.  Samantha had roseola the week we were going, and had a high fever until about 24 hours before departure. 


That challenge conquered, she landed in Tampa with some sort of bug bites on her foot, which was swollen to twice its normal size. 

We got in too late to really do anything about it other than administer Benadryl and stay up all night staring at it, and that appeared to be just what the doctor ordered - by Saturday morning the swelling was improving and we were ready to hit the beach.













At first, SJ was a little nervous about the whole sand/water thing, and the best place to start out was in a nice beach chair with a view.











She acclimated pretty quickly, though.  She was far more comfortable with the sand than we ever expected.  She's usually not a fan of things with texture.












She loved watching the big kids play on the beach (and in the house, and on the deck).  I think she really learned a lot.  Since we came home, she's been showing an increased interest in standing and even trying to pull herself up occasionally.  Here, Dave was hard at work building a volcano with moat for the big kids and even a little baby pool for Samantha.







10 04 08 013.jpg


Elaina and Gus were kind enough to share their toys with Samantha, so she was well occupied even when taking a break from the beach.  Grandparents, take note -- Fisher Price Little People will be on Samantha's Christmas wish list!











I just loved this picture of Amy and Gus, and thought the Rice crowd might enjoy it.























What are those big people doing?!?













Another game that fascinated Sam...













Thanks, guys, for sharing your weekend with us.  We really enjoyed visiting with all of you (and making our very own SPORE creatures)! 

Sam's First Party Hat

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Samantha had the pleasure of attending her friend Lexi's birthday party last weekend, where she wore her first party hat!  Thankfully, Lexi's mom didn't buy enough for the adults.  Is this why mom and dad are smiling and Sam is not?