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Thanksgiving Pumpkin

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I don't think Samantha really "gets" Thanksgiving, but she did look cute in her Pumpkin onesie.


We had another "didn't work out like I pictured it" day...  However, all's well that ends well and there was NOT, in spite of two possible opportunities, a trip to the ER.  :-)

Don't worry, it wasn't Sam.


Lazy Sunday

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Samantha and her daddy spent some time watching football yesterday.  Don't they look comfy?  Does she still look just like him?



We took it pretty easy this weekend.  Friday, Samantha and I had an epic 5 1/2 hour trip to the Houston Medical Center for an endocrinology appointment.

The great news:  The major endocrine panel they ran this summer indicates that overall her hormone levels are normal.  No small feat given that the location of her bleed was very near the area of the brain that regulates hormone production.  Woot! 

The not-so-great news:  The one test we were really concerned about just didn't work.  Not that the results were bad, they just didn't have any.  So, after being an absolute gem strapped into a car seat, a stroller, being poked and prodded, etc for 3 hours, they sent her for another blood draw.  Ugh.  There's a message for you -- can't wait to see how good she is the next time we try this.

I cancelled her GI appointment scheduled for today.  She's still not gained weight, but she's no longer vomitting all the time, and the loss seems to have stopped.  I just don't think there's really a GI problem.  Hopefully this isn't a mistake.  It took months to get this appointment, so the decision would be slow to un-do.

We bought an infant scale for the house, and it arrived Friday, so we'll be able to monitor her and hopefully stuff her chock full of we can get some meat on those bones.  She still weighs just a few ounces more than on her first birthday, but she is still getting taller.

Will the 2nd one be easier?

Sam's Computer Savvy

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This morning's trick:  Samantha grabbed a USB headset and scooted over to try to plug it into the USB port on the front of my computer.  I think I would have had to give it more thought than she did.  :-)

Yesterday, we had an evaluation with another feeding therapist.  Trying to decide which person to go with -- her existing therapist has a methodology that directly conflicts with this one.  I feel like we've sort of plateaued with the current approach, so maybe this change is just what we need.

Glam Sam

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This is after napping on the fancy hairdo for an hour and a half. 

It will be so sad for me when Samantha asks for a straightening iron.

Fabulous Day with Samantha

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What a great day.  If you monitor this blog, you can tell it's a great day, because I've posted more often today than in many weeks.

I took Samantha to the mall at lunchtime today.  I didn't bring or buy food for her, because our next stop was her OT for a feeding session.  I bought myself a slice of pizza and we sat down by the carousel in the middle of the mall while I ate and we waited for a hair appointment for Princess Sam.  She was very excited watching the carousel, but after a while I could see she was also checking out the pizza.  And then, she ASKED FOR SOME.  Seriously.  So I gave her a little bite (she wouldn't bite it herself, but she opened her mouth for me to pop some in).  She chewed it, swallowed, thought about it, and I ignored the whole thing.  A few minutes later, she asked for more.  This happened twice, then I made the mistake of proactively offering a bite to her, at which point she would have nothing further to do with it.  Oh well.  Someday, I'll learn.

Her OT appointment went incredibly well, also.  Samantha signed "eat" before we started, and she ate peach chunks off of a spoon (in the past, we have cut them up smaller and "hand fed" them directly between the teeth so she didn't have to manipulate the slippery fruit into chewing position).  And, she let us guide her to put food into her mouth on a spoon she held herself. 

So today I'm saying prayers of thanks and also want to thank my Bible study ladies and Sam's much loved Germantown TN prayer group, who've all been praying for breakthroughs like these.  I know they may sound small to many people, but I count today's experiences as yet more small miracles in the amazing story of Samantha's progress. God has shown such mercy and generosity with Samantha, and we are so grateful.

Not to trivialize, but I must say that her hair looks great too.  I'll see if the hairstyle survives her nap so I can get a picture.  I was a bit skeptical when the stylist brought out the spray.  She put hair product in Sam's curls and pinned them up in front with a couple of bobby pins.  Very cute.  I'd consider doing it that way again sometime, but she doesn't smell like a baby with all the stuff in her hair.  I'm really not all that eager to have a "big girl".

Newsflash: We have the letter C

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Just so excited I had to post again.  We've had a couple of separate "C" sightings, so I think it's real -- Sam can now properly use the letter C, as in "camera" (go figure) and "comb".

Now if we could just get "M".  She still says "Fa" for Mom, which nobody but me can really believe...

Yesterday Girl Is Judging Me

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dvd0001.jpgHad you told me two years ago that I would pop a DVD in front of my child in order to distract her and get her to eat, I would have sworn you had the wrong girl.

What a difference two years makes.  It seems to work, and I'm going with it. 

Samantha's gotten so traumatized about eating that the psychological issues were becoming a problem of their own (and with all the throwing up, gagging and choking, I can't really blame her).

A good distraction does the job.  MORE Signing Time!

She's really becoming quite adept.  I told her yesterday that her stuffed moose was a nice friend.  She signed "friend" and then grabbed the moose's hooves and made him sign it too (as best he could without fingers).

The First Day of... What???

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Friday was Nanny Jamie's last day.  The theory was that mommy was going to stay home.  Reality, well...  I haven't quite gotten around to saying good-bye to most of my clients.  I keep thinking, "Oh, I can do that while Samantha's napping... in the evening...  early morning...while I sleep... whenever."  What have I done???

This week will be a particularly interesting crash course, because Carl is in Philly for a conference.  So it will be all mommy, all the time.  Wish me luck...  Sam's going to be soooo tired of Mommy by Friday night!

Bye bye, Nanny Jamie!  Samantha is going to miss her so much.