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More to follow... but thought it was worth sharing a couple of quick snapshots of the Christmas experience.

Sam didn't really get the whole Santa/Christmas thing, but she sure did christmas0001.jpgenjoy the presents.  And she got plenty.  My parents showed up with a car full of presents - including this wagon and all its contents!























But she had to wait until Christmas morning, no matter how much she and Grandma wanted to start early. We made the major mistake of letting her open one of the best presents first, so we had no naps all day.  She was signing "play" going into the crib and never could get to sleep.



It's Almost Christmas!

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Still MORE Friends

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We started with a new feeding therapist this week.  I've been afraid to jinx it by commenting, but Sam has added two more foods.  For those not in on the drama, Sam weighs about the same thing she did at 12 months (around 20 lb), and the foods she was eating were steadily decreasing.  Her pediatrician recently raised the possibility of  tubing in 300 extra calories a day.  Needless to say, Mom was not excited about that possibility, and we are trying some new approaches.

With our new therapist, we are so far having less mealtime drama/trauma and are now actively asking for peas and carrots.  Now if she'd just ask for something with some real calories, like cookies and cake!  I find this all a little bit crazy, given the amount of money I have spent on diets over the last 10 years.

PS - Samantha 21 months old today! 


The Word of the Day is "Apraxia"

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But first, Sam and friends.

0020Sam_9513(rev 0).jpg













Apraxia is a neurological disorder characterized by loss of the ability to execute or carry out learned purposeful movements, despite having the desire and the physical ability to perform the movements.  In Sam's case "apraxia of speech".  Her receptive language (ability to understand) appears to be at or above age-appropriate (hooray!).  Her expressive language (aka ability to speak) is closer to a 12-15 month level (she'll be 21 months tomorrow).  The thing I find strangest about it is that she may have the ability to make a sound for an extended period, and then it just sort of disappears.  Right now, she seems to have misplaced the letter "d", when she used to say "da-da", "duck", and "dog".

The prognosis on this is a little hazy, but the short story is that apraxia of speech is something that speech therapists are very familiar with and prepared to address with exercises, games and the like.  And as usual, they say the prognosis is better the earlier you start working on it, so we are well-positioned for success!

Add another therapist, and call me in the morning.

Auntie Caroline ROCKS

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My "supermom" status may be questionable, but there is NO doubting that Samantha's Auntie Caroline is the best!  She came to visit us... er... Samantha over the weekend and spoiled her rotten.  She had our girl grinning from ear to ear. 

Caroline had a build-a-bear custom stuffed for Samantha - just the right stuffin' for squeezin', it would seem. 

IMG_1759(rev 0).jpg














IMG_1762(rev 1).jpg













IMG_1764(rev 1).jpg

























IMG_1772(rev 1).jpg




Every now and then, I think Samantha's starting to look like me... but then, I see this.  Do ya think they could be related?









Then, add some Dala moose and make her a Cowboy fan, and she's definitely daddy's girl...  Samantha loves these little red and white Christmas shoes Caroline brought.  She even had to wear them while she napped the day she got them.

IMG_1774(rev 1).jpg












I mustn't forget to thank Auntie Caroline for all the toys that make noise.  Remember, Auntie Caroline, what they say about paybacks.  :-)

IMG_1776(rev 1).jpg

Supermom I Am Not

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Let's just start by acknowledging the feeling one gets from arriving to pick up a child in 45 degree weather, and finding her wearing no pants.  Onesie, check.  Sweater, check.  Cute little shoes with red bows, check.  Matching hair ribbon, check.  Hmmm, I know something's missing...  Ah YES!  The PANTS!

Worse, I am so tired that I really had to think to reassure myself that she WAS in fact wearing pants when she arrived.  The good news is that she did in fact arrive in a full suit of clothes.  And there was no major crisis, mommy just failed to re-stock the diaper bag after the last exploding diaper disaster.

You'd think mother's day out would have gone smoothly.  After all, we arrived 2 1/2 hours late.  Somehow, in that 2 1/2 hours, you'd think I'd have found time to stock the diaper bag.  Well, no... but I did find time to turn away the cleaning crew (no clean house, but no super-flu either), mess up no fewer than THREE online orders for Christmas gifts, and to take on another work project ("it's just a small one") that I don't have time to do.  Santa, bring me an extra week between Christmas and New Year's!

Getting in the Spirit

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Some good holiday fashion always helps perk up your Christmas spirit, doesn't it?

IMG_1750(rev 0).jpg


Here, little miss is what we call "hands and feet excited" about helping mom wipe a spill off the floor.  I hope that attitude sticks around for a while.  Like 15 more years.

"Hands and feet excited" refers to a state in which Samantha gets so agitated that she just can't seem to control her extremeties.  Her arms and legs go out and the hands and feet wiggle in excitement.

Little Grinch

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My little grinch is not very excited about Christmas.  She shrieked "Up!" "Up!" "Up!" to be held the whole time I decorated the Christmas tree (yes, Virginia, I even gave her some ornaments to play with and put on the Christmas music). 

I tried to engage her in wrapping presents by giving her ribbons and sparkly decorations to play with, but in an uncharacteristically quiet mood, she sat and stared blankly into space rather than play with them (or any of the army of toys in the room). 

Sigh...  I had such beautiful visions... 

We had a lovely visit this weekend with Farmor (Swedish for "father's mother") and Papa G.  Samantha really enjoyed their visit.  Papa G makes her giggle, giggle, giggle.  Best of all, Farmor brought oatmeal cookies... which Samantha actually ATE!  I will have to get the recipe.  And make them every week. She's lost almost half a pound in the last week.

















Sam laughed and laughed with her Papa G!  He taught her how to make all kinds of silly new noises.  She concentrates really hard, then makes these strange raspberry noises that come out so emphatically that her bangs blow in the resulting wind. 















Farmor brought great presents, from Hanna Andersson Christmas clothes (mommy was excited, at any rate) to this Leap Frog phonics radio. 








Proof of the cookie-fest!










Mmmm, juice on a moose.