Auntie Caroline ROCKS

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My "supermom" status may be questionable, but there is NO doubting that Samantha's Auntie Caroline is the best!  She came to visit us... er... Samantha over the weekend and spoiled her rotten.  She had our girl grinning from ear to ear. 

Caroline had a build-a-bear custom stuffed for Samantha - just the right stuffin' for squeezin', it would seem. 

IMG_1759(rev 0).jpg














IMG_1762(rev 1).jpg













IMG_1764(rev 1).jpg

























IMG_1772(rev 1).jpg




Every now and then, I think Samantha's starting to look like me... but then, I see this.  Do ya think they could be related?









Then, add some Dala moose and make her a Cowboy fan, and she's definitely daddy's girl...  Samantha loves these little red and white Christmas shoes Caroline brought.  She even had to wear them while she napped the day she got them.

IMG_1774(rev 1).jpg












I mustn't forget to thank Auntie Caroline for all the toys that make noise.  Remember, Auntie Caroline, what they say about paybacks.  :-)

IMG_1776(rev 1).jpg

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