I don't eat... except Farmor's oatmeal cookies

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We had a lovely visit this weekend with Farmor (Swedish for "father's mother") and Papa G.  Samantha really enjoyed their visit.  Papa G makes her giggle, giggle, giggle.  Best of all, Farmor brought oatmeal cookies... which Samantha actually ATE!  I will have to get the recipe.  And make them every week. She's lost almost half a pound in the last week.

















Sam laughed and laughed with her Papa G!  He taught her how to make all kinds of silly new noises.  She concentrates really hard, then makes these strange raspberry noises that come out so emphatically that her bangs blow in the resulting wind. 















Farmor brought great presents, from Hanna Andersson Christmas clothes (mommy was excited, at any rate) to this Leap Frog phonics radio. 








Proof of the cookie-fest!










Mmmm, juice on a moose.

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