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We started with a new feeding therapist this week.  I've been afraid to jinx it by commenting, but Sam has added two more foods.  For those not in on the drama, Sam weighs about the same thing she did at 12 months (around 20 lb), and the foods she was eating were steadily decreasing.  Her pediatrician recently raised the possibility of  tubing in 300 extra calories a day.  Needless to say, Mom was not excited about that possibility, and we are trying some new approaches.

With our new therapist, we are so far having less mealtime drama/trauma and are now actively asking for peas and carrots.  Now if she'd just ask for something with some real calories, like cookies and cake!  I find this all a little bit crazy, given the amount of money I have spent on diets over the last 10 years.

PS - Samantha 21 months old today! 


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