An Awesome Day!

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I am trying to resolve a server space issue, and until I do, no new photos.  But... I just had to share the spectacular day we are having on all theraputic fronts.

Samantha weighed in this morning at 20 lb 15 oz, the heaviest she's been since I bought the scale before Thanksgiving.  Then, she happily ate fruit for breakfast (she hasn't eaten fruit in any quantity since some time in August).  When she went down for nap, she was babbling "ba ba ba ba ba" over the monitor for an extended period - Sam doesn't normally babble repeated syllables, which is apparently a key language development step.

This afternoon, we played with the sandbox, and while she still wouldn't put her feet (or other body parts) in the box, she was gleefully crowing "Di!", "Di!" and flinging sand everywhere with her shovel -- she had it in her pants, in her shirt, in her hair, everywhere.  I assume "Di" meant "Dig", and it was also the clearest "D" I've heard from her in a while. 

Then she wiped bubbles on her shirt a few times and was just sticky, sandy, and disgusting.  I changed my daughter's clothes because she got dirty playing outside for the first time EVER.  Those of you who feel the laundry never ends are in shock, I'm sure, but let me tell you -- it felt GREAT.

I feel like I should go to bed now, under the adage of "quit while you're ahead".  OK, maybe I'm also moved in that direction by being 8+ months pregnant.  Whatever.  That's all for now, it's nap time.

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