Still Working on the Picture Thing

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BUT... a lot has been happening, so I wanted to post.

Samantha is now seeing a new feeding therapist and a speech therapist.  They are fantastic, and her eating and language adoption are both moving forward by leaps and bounds.  This week she has added:


Small chunks of squash and of mango

Several new flavors of baby foods

Teddy Grahams

She will occasionally help with the spoon

She no longer appears to totally fear food.  She will help me peel a banana (for me... she won't eat it), and she occasionally tries a bite of safe-seeming foods like crackers and cookies of various kinds.



"All 'g'" - for all gone


She will finish little songs with me, like E-I-E-I- "O" and Winnie the "P..." (we're working toward "Pooh", but for now I'll take "P"!)

And her b's and d's are slowly returning!


Next Weds we are scheduled to pick up her Sure Steps, which are light-weight, flexible plastic foot/ankle braces that we hope will make her feel much more comfortable standing and perhaps even get her walking!  To be honest, though, I am not 100% counting on this one actually happening as scheduled -- my due date is the 29th.  We'll keep you posted!

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