The Perils of Ch

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Sam has a stuffed chicken.  We've never really named it, so her dad and I call it "Chicken".  Lately, Samantha has become increasingly fond of Chicken, and he has taken to sleeping in the crib with her.  They are spending a great deal of time together.  She calls him "Ch".  At some point recently, Ch slipped out of the crib and went AWOL for a little while.

Yesterday, I was feeding Sam.  The OT urges me to be sure she always knows what she's eating, so with every bite of baby food I was telling her "Chicken".  Suddenly, her eyes got really wide and she announced "Ch"!  Pleased, I said, "That's right Samantha!  This is CHICKEN."  She pointed at the jar and repeated "Ch!" very urgently.  She would not eat another bite.


She was quite relieved when Daddy retrieved Chicken from behind the bed at her next nap.  The toy or the food will henceforth be called Pollo.  I am sincerely hoping she has not now figured out the link between animals and food.  That's a tough topic to explain to somebody who's less than 2. 

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