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She's So Beautiful When She Sleeps

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Why oh why doesn't she do it more often?



Milk Coma


Napping on Papa Cal.  I think he was the first person to figure out how to get her to stop crying and sleep...















"Mom's Eye View"












Meanwhile, her sister has been catching up on some light reading. 

sam_reading0001.jpgSam has been more of a standard "toddler" since Ally has come along -- turns out that she's more curious than we knew, but she's a bit shy about getting into things when she's being watched.  Now she is taking apart diaper pails, playing in th trash, locking me out of rooms (really - this is one of her favorite games.  She'll go into a room, push the door shut and then sit behind it so I can't push it open) and tearing apart my office.  Heaven help me if an old client ever needs a file, because the CDs are EVERYWHERE.  And I apologize in advance to any of you who are reading the blog... :-)





She's also having fun with Daddy...




























Samantha's actually a great little helper.  She was the first to discover that the little "music and vibration" button on Ally's papasan works wonders when she is fussy.  Which is often.  I think Sam was actually looking for an "off" button for Ally.

sunny0001.jpgHere I just had to show off how gorgeous the weather is in Houston this week.  About 80 degrees and sunny today, and I got the girls out on the porch to play in the sand.  Sam throws sand everywhere and cries "Di!" with great relish.



















Parallel play.  Sam has started playing near Ally, even if she pretends not to want to interact.














In other news, I weighed both girls today.  Samantha now weighs 21 lb 15 oz, up about 10% from her 1st birthday.  Ally weighs 9 lb 15 oz,, up about 20% from her birth a month ago.  I feel like I spend all my time feeding these girls, for very different reasons.  Sam, who doesn't self feed and would really rather eat nothing, and Ally, who wants to eat constantly.  Constantly.  Really.

So Precocious

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I have a feeling we're in for a very different experience with Alexa than we have had with Samantha.

Here she is at 1 week, holding her own pacifier in place.  We are trying to get some tummy time every day, and she can already lift enough to turn her head from one side to the other.  I think she may crawl on Monday.  :-)

It's very strange, because we really don't know what a "normal" new baby experience is.  Samantha spent her first 5 weeks in the NICU, and just bypassed a lot of normal steps.  I pretty much threw out all the "what to expect in the first year" documentation with her.  This will be very interesting.

Samantha is adapting to being a big sister and has delightfully decided that her best means of getting attention is to be charming and distracting.  When she wants more attention, she laughs loudly and does her best to be extra cute.  Oh, thank goodness.  Much better than the "cry when the baby cries" approach she briefly tried.



My Valentines

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Shared these sweet valentines and an amazing wine with my hubby today.  Doesn't get any better.


Samantha's a Big Sister

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