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Other Miscellaneous Easter Stuff

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Did I mention that we even colored Easter eggs last weekend?  Mommy is learning.  The corporate "KISS" principle definitely applies to toddlers, and I'm slowly coming to grips with that.  I resisted the urge to buy the $5 20 color egg kit with stickers, egg wraps, and digital projection system.  I did not buy 72 eggs for an all-day dye-off.  Instead, we bought the 4 pack of egg shaped buckets with 4 dyes, and we colored 12 eggs.  Victory!  When we finished, Samantha was asking for "more eggs".  Woot.  When we hid them and hunted for them, the attention span lasted 8 eggs.  I'm glad I only had 4 more to collect myself.












We also went to the zoo.  Samantha particularly enjoyed the aquarium and the birds.  Large animals were a bit much, even this cute baby giraffe.  I'm not sure if she was overcome to learn how big the animals were, or if the crowds were just too much.

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Good Reports

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Ally had check ups today on her GI problem and her blocked tear duct.  Good reports all around!  She doesn't have to see the opthamologist any more.  We'll be back to the surgeon in two weeks (as expected).

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IMG_2242(rev 1).jpgThanks Farmor and Poppa G!  Happy Easter!











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Nonsequitur bonus shot of our little Easter Bunny












More Easter!

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Yes, Alexa was here for Easter.  She just slept through the first round of photos.

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The girls both came to church this morning.  Samantha went to the nursery as always, while Ally went to church with us -- her first church service!  Happy Easter, Ally!

While this wasn't as momentous as last Easter in many ways (Samantha was baptized in Germantown, TN, and we were celebrating her 1st birthday and her general amazing-ness), we sure had a great time.

After church, we fed the girls, put them down for a nap, and Carl and I actually got to have a celebratory Easter dinner, just the two of us, without any chaos at all!  If you're a local, you should check out the ham from Lawson's Meat Market on 2978.  Better than Honeybaked!


Ally spent some time babbling and playing with her toys, then we put her to work on her tummy.  She started holding her head up like this just a couple of days ago.

IMG_2235(rev 0).jpg














Later today, we're going to take Sam out to play with her new sand and water table.  She hasn't seen it yet, but I think it will be a great way to get her standing to play outside.  Cross your fingers and look for photos to follow!

Happy Easter!

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The Easter Bunny visited Friddle House this morning with great fanfare!  Easter baskets and even an egg hunt were an amazingly great hit.  The Easter Bunny was very thoughtful, and since Samantha doesn't like candy, he filled her basket with little toys, stickers, and one little plastic egg of Gerber puffs. 

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Wow, is it mid-April?

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People have been emailing me about how long it's been since I've posted, and I have been thinking it's been just a few days!  I logged in today and realized it's been more than two weeks.  Sorry, grandparents!!!

So, what's new with Team Friddle?

Ally had her 2 month appointment.  Vaccinations sent her immune system into a complete flare up and it made for a really tough couple of days (and nights!).  But all the numbers looked GREAT.  It felt so incredibly good to have one of these appointments that didn't include any serious disussions.

Here are the stats as of 4-7-09:

Weight: 12 lbs (70th percentile)

Length:  23 3/4 inches (86th percentile)

Head Circumference:  39 cm (47th percentile -- woo hoo)

Today, I put her on her tummy and she picked up her head and looked around as though she'd been doing it all along.  This is kind of odd, because yesterday she couldn't do it at all. 

Samantha has been having fun this week.  I signed her up for a new Kindermusik class.  We stumbled upon a class with one two year old non-walker and one 2 1/2 year old who just started walking, which is really great.  It's nice to be with other kids and moms who are in the same place.  Sam is getting a lot more confidence in her balance while on her feet.  In Kindermusik, she stood while I helped her to "dance", and she laughed and asked for more!

Therapy has also been going well, and she is getting much more comfortable transitioning between sitting and tummy.  She's also showing interest in trying to crawl up stairs.  Woo hoo!

I think she's actually going to be pretty sporty when she grows up.  I went to get her dressed the other day and before I even had the closet light on she was pointing at her Dallas Cowboys jersey and saying "This!"  I pulled it out and asked if she was sure, and she said, "This!  Football.  Kick.  Dada.  Fun."  What a daddy's girl!