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Ally Baby

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Alexa is now six months old!  It's terribly cliche, but I really can't believe how quickly the time has passed.  She's likely our last, and I'm kind of sad to see the true "baby" phase passing.  She's creeping around on her belly pretty well and sits briefly unsupported.  It won't be long before she's chasing Samantha through the house.

Here's a picture that was taken on her actual six month "birthday".

IMG_2612(rev 1).jpg























Samantha is still not her biggest fan, but she does greet her now and include her when she lists off family members.  She shares her toys nicely and thanks Ally when she gets to play with Ally's toys.  In fact, when we picked Alexa up at Mother's Day Out today, she even said "Yay, Ally!"  It's progress.

Dinner time!

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Samantha ate 250 calories of FOOD for dinner!!!!  OK, it was stage 2 baby food, but WOO HOO!

Hair's to You!

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Not only is Ally the happiest baby in town...

IMG_2553(rev 0).jpg














she's finally getting some hair!!!

IMG_2556(rev 0).jpg

Good News and Bad News

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I'm sure I've used that headline before.  It seems relevant quite often.

Good News:  I get another 5 months of quality Sam time to focus on therapy homework and helping her get her feeding issues under control before she starts pre-school.  I'm hoping to get her self-feeding, and maybe even walking. or at least pulling herself to stand.

Bad News:  Implied above.  We've decided not to put her in school as scheduled in August.  Since the advent of the most recent session of Mother's Day Out, she's been sick constantly.  With her low weight and calorie intake, she just doesn't have the reserves to put up much of a fight against the stuff that goes around.  And thanks to reflux, she still likes to stick her hands in her mouth a lot, so if it's going around, she gives herself a good thorough dose of the germs.  It's not just that she gets sick, either.  Once she's sick, she takes a good, long time recovering, and usually loses her appetite completely for quite some time.  Which means she lacks energy.  Which means the has bad therapy sessions, and she doesn't want to practice challenging things like standing, crawling, and stepping.  Which means...  well, you get the gist of it.

When she lacks energy, we do enjoy working a lot on speech, and Sam is doing GREAT in that area.  She's now regularly using 3 word phrases and short sentences.  Her pronunciation is still a little tough to understand, but, hey, she's 2.  I think sometimes people don't understand her because they don't expect a 2 year old to say the things she says.  Common comments:


"How can it be?"

"Oh, come on!"

She sometimes holds both sides of the conversation if I am not participating properly.  As in:

"Thank you, Sam" (said by Sam)

"You're welcome, Mommy" (also said by Sam)

"Where ya goin', Sam?" (still Sam)

She is a great little parrot.  I guess I'm a little repetitious, because she often takes the words right out of my mouth.  Recently, we had a friend over to play, and he must have put his hands into our fireplace and then on our white couch.  I found it a few hours later, while holding Sam.  I must have gasped a bit, because Sam immediately saw it.  She said:

"Oh no!  Wha' happened?  Messy couch!"

You'll have to ask dad about the slightly more earthy term she picked up from mommy.  Oops. 

Roll, Baby, Roll!

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Ally has learned to roll from stomach to back as well as back to stomach.  From what I remember with Sam, it can't be long until she figures out that she can combine these skills to get from Point A to Point B.  Time to baby-proof!

Goodness Gracious

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to borrow one of Samantha's favorite phrases.  Can you believe it's July?  As in "half-way to Christmas"?  Crazy.

Samantha has discovered that she is 2 years old.  Her new favorite word is "no."  She's refused to go to music class at Mother's Day Out the last two sessions.  You can't blame a 2 year old for not understanding that everyone has totally re-arranged schedules to enable someone to serve as a personal aide so that she can attend a class with the big kids, but I do feel a little sheepish.  The music teacher is Sam's favorite person there, so she personally comes down to feed her lunch.  On Thursday, Sam threw up on her.  I showed up for pick-up and neither of my kids were wearing what they went to school in.  Never a sign of a great day. 

Flashing back a bit, we had a fantastic 4th of July.  Papa was awesome, as always, with the girls. We took them to the July 3 symphony event (complete with cannons and fireworks).  We didn't get home until 11 pm, and Sam's reception of the fireworks was such that we did not find it necessary to go out for more on the 4th.

We did, however, enjoy the annual parade at Market Street.

IMG_2534(rev 0).jpg














IMG_2535(rev 0).jpg














Sam was hot and overwhelmed.  We stood in front of Tommy Bahama, and she kept begging to go inside.  "Please, shopping!" she said, over and over.  Look out, Daddy.

Mimi made sure we were all dressed for the occasion.  And that everyone had a wardrobe buddy.  What a great looking bunch of patriots, eh? 

Jul_4(rev 0).jpg














We had take-out barbeque for dinner, but I did "go Martha" enough to put out a red, white, and blue dessert spread.  I admit to buying the cupcakes, but I soaked those berries in rum ALL by myself.  Mmmm... 

IMG_2545(rev 0).jpg














Even Samantha's favorite stuffed bear got into the spirit, thanks to a gift from Auntie Carolion.

IMG_2547(rev 1).jpg

























I am so excited that Samantha is finally old enough to start enjoying some holiday traditions, even if she doesn't necessarily understand the holiday itself.  Christmas, here we come!!!