Good News and Bad News

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I'm sure I've used that headline before.  It seems relevant quite often.

Good News:  I get another 5 months of quality Sam time to focus on therapy homework and helping her get her feeding issues under control before she starts pre-school.  I'm hoping to get her self-feeding, and maybe even walking. or at least pulling herself to stand.

Bad News:  Implied above.  We've decided not to put her in school as scheduled in August.  Since the advent of the most recent session of Mother's Day Out, she's been sick constantly.  With her low weight and calorie intake, she just doesn't have the reserves to put up much of a fight against the stuff that goes around.  And thanks to reflux, she still likes to stick her hands in her mouth a lot, so if it's going around, she gives herself a good thorough dose of the germs.  It's not just that she gets sick, either.  Once she's sick, she takes a good, long time recovering, and usually loses her appetite completely for quite some time.  Which means she lacks energy.  Which means the has bad therapy sessions, and she doesn't want to practice challenging things like standing, crawling, and stepping.  Which means...  well, you get the gist of it.

When she lacks energy, we do enjoy working a lot on speech, and Sam is doing GREAT in that area.  She's now regularly using 3 word phrases and short sentences.  Her pronunciation is still a little tough to understand, but, hey, she's 2.  I think sometimes people don't understand her because they don't expect a 2 year old to say the things she says.  Common comments:


"How can it be?"

"Oh, come on!"

She sometimes holds both sides of the conversation if I am not participating properly.  As in:

"Thank you, Sam" (said by Sam)

"You're welcome, Mommy" (also said by Sam)

"Where ya goin', Sam?" (still Sam)

She is a great little parrot.  I guess I'm a little repetitious, because she often takes the words right out of my mouth.  Recently, we had a friend over to play, and he must have put his hands into our fireplace and then on our white couch.  I found it a few hours later, while holding Sam.  I must have gasped a bit, because Sam immediately saw it.  She said:

"Oh no!  Wha' happened?  Messy couch!"

You'll have to ask dad about the slightly more earthy term she picked up from mommy.  Oops. 

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