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I think I have this great Friddle baby mojo.  I mean, I'm connected with these kids.  I gave them birth, for goodness sake.  So you'd think that I might be a little put out that a babysitter spent a couple of nights with the kids the past couple of weeks and magically got Alexa to sleep through the night.  Nope.  I'll take those nice, long nights however they come. 

Turns out that our rocking, cuddling, reading, singing, bathing with lavender, massaging, nursing, and general coddling were all for naught.  What does Miss Rita do?  Completely exhaust her, pop her in bed with a quick kiss and say, "You've had a big day!  It's time to get some sleep."  Then, she walks out.  "Oh," you may be thinking, "Ally had to cry it out."  Nope.  I was there.  I heard the whole thing.  Ally's end of the deal sounded something like "Wah!  Wah!  Zzzzzz...."  No further sounds until 5:30 or 6 am.  We tried it out, and she fusses a little bit more for Mommy, but it's generally the same thing.  My wake-up call comes a little earlier than I'd ideally like, but I get a nice, full night of sleep.  Woo hoo!

Today, I just happened to have a little extra time before nap, so I sat down to cuddle and rock her before putting her down.  What did she do?  Cried and reached for her bed.  When I put her in, she grabbed her favorite lovey, gazed entranced at the mobile, and completely ignored me.

Thanks, Miss Rita!  You just bought me an extra 2 hours every day (Stats computed on the basis of 3 naps and 1 bedtime at 30 minutes each.  Your mileage may vary.)

So, now that I'm caught up on my sleep, I thought I'd do a little catching up on my blog.  Here are some long overdue postings.

When Sam went to have her MRI, we were very fortunate that Papa agreed to come down and watch Alexa Grace.  No matter how cute your kids are, it's tough to find a baby sitter who's willing to be at your house in time for a 5:30 AM departure.

Both girls just loved visiting with their Papa!

IMG_2626(rev 1).jpg























IMG_2633(rev 0).jpg














A few weeks ago, we also FINALLY got to introduce Ally to our good friend Julie, who lives about 1/4 mile away.  Let's just sum up and say we've both had a busy year.  Anyway, Ally loved Julie, and Samantha even chatted with her a bit.  Julie, both girls love the bubble maker, and it works just great!

IMG_2635(rev 0).jpg














The cat had a bad day...

IMG_2637(rev 1).jpg












And Ally appears to be considering becoming an Aggie.  Well, she seems to like the onesie, and she already had the haircut.

IMG_2642(rev 0).jpg














Thanks, Uncle Keith! 


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Fluke, or New Era?

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Friday night, Ally was up four times.  Three vomitting incidents, two exploding diapers, and a partridge in a pear tree.

She was exhausted all day Saturday - overtired and unwilling to either nap or be fully, enjoyably awake. 

Last night, I decided I might be contributing to her night waking by going up there too readily.  I resolved not to dash up the stairs unless her whimpering and moaning became a full-on cry.  Shockingly, it DIDN'T!  She was in her bed from 8 pm until 6:15 am.  And I was in MINE from 11 pm until 6:14 am.  I feel like a million bucks.  Now, she's sitting in her Bumbo seat playing the piano while I have coffe and update the blog and Carl and Sam sleep.  This is AWESOME.  I could definitely make a habit of this.

At last, I have the time, peace, and energy to post some pictures from a fabulous weekend with my parents.  My mom was celebrating her 39th birthday.  :-)

The girls got dressed up for the occasion.  I just love this fluffy little confection of Ally's.

IMG_2561(rev 0).jpg














We went to an awesome Brazilian restaurant, where I greatly enjoyed NOT being completely in charge of entertaining the kids during dinner.  As Sam would say, "Go, Grandpa, Go!"

IMG_2565(rev 0).jpg














Grandma got some good baby time too.

IMG_2568(rev 0).jpg














They were also good enough to watch Ally while Sam, Mom, and Dad went to a 2nd birthday party for Sam's best friend, Evan.  It was great to get some quality time with Evan and his parents, because they are now off to the UK to visit with their family and friends for a month or so.  We miss you!

IMG_2582(rev 0).jpg














Then, we got the opportunity to spoil Grandma a little bit with presents and a birthday treat.

IMG_2599(rev 1).jpg

























IMG_2609-1(rev 1).jpg






















We love you, Grandma and Grandpa!  I wish we could get together more often!

Sam's a Champ!

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Samantha was such a cool cucumber this morning.  We woke her up at 5:15 am, dragged her to the car still in her jammies, and she chattered all the way to the hospital.  "Go Cars Go!", "Wow, dark!", "Fun, dark!", etc.  She talked away with the anesthesiologist, the nurses, the radiologist, and everyone who slowed down to say "hi". 

IMG_2619(rev 0).jpg
She was in such good spirits that we decided, with the anesthesiologist, not to give her the sedative they give most of the kids before putting them under.  Then, we went to put the mask on.  I felt so terrible... she was crying and screaming "no, all done!" through the mask as the gas put her down.  She woke up really upset and screaming, as opposed to the nice, gradual awakening the kids have with the sedative.  We may revisit this decision at next year's MRI.  Oh, well, we live and learn.  It seemed wise to use as little medication as necessary.

Anyway, we were home by about noon, and she was in high spirits by about 3 pm.  As I type, she's in the living room wrestling with Daddy. 

Thanks to the many people who prayed for little Sam, and for all the emails of support!  We should hear the results at Sam's neurology appointment on August 20, and we'll keep the site up to date with the latest.

Here's the "After" picture.  None the worse for wear!

IMG_2625(rev 0).jpg













And a bonus shot of li'l sis (oh, and Daddy, too).

IMG_2617(rev 0).jpg

Prayers, Please

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If anyone happens to be reading this before about noon on Tuesday, please send up a prayer for our little Samantha.  We will be doing an MRI Tuesday morning, which for a little one means general anaesthesia.  I know they're very good at this, but it scares me to put such a tiny person under.

I am really praying that this MRI will show us a reduction in Sam's hydrocephalus.  She is doing so incredibly well. 

She is now saying some four word sentences.  Today, she said (in correct context), "Look, Ally, a ball!"

Her eating is improving.  We talked today with her GI doc and are holding off on further tests to see if her current level of improvement continues.  She has had a 10 day course of Flagyl, which should address any bacterial overgrowth issues she may have had, and we have increased her Prevacid to twice daily.  The result?  This morning at 10 am, she said she was hungry and asked for a snack!!!  That was, believe it or not, the first time that has EVER happened in her 28 months of life.

We were cleared from seeing endocrinology for another 3 months, because the latest tests show her hormone levels are improving or holding steady.

AND, opthmalmology decided last week to observe her for another 3 months, rather than patching her eye now.  It seems that her brain appears to be trying to correct her strabisumus on its own.

So, if you have a moment, please send up a prayer for Samantha.  And, given all of the above, be sure to say, "Thanks"!

And yes...  I owe pictures from a FABULOUS visit with Grandma and Grandpa last weekend.  Stay tuned to this channel for more information coming soon.  We love you guys!  Thanks for being patient!