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Two Girls, One Wagon

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How great is this?!?  Samantha is really good about sharing with her sister.  The 2nd time I went to load them both into the wagon, she pointed at the (still empty) seat across from her and said, "Ally's seat."

The first outing was a bit of an adventure.  I took some bubbles, which Sam kept begging to hold.  Finally, I gave them to her.  Why not?  She can't open them...  or couldn't before, anyway.  Halfway around the neighborhood, she announced, "Oh no!  Messy!"  Bubble solution everywhere.  I convinced her it was ok and started moving a little quicker toward the house.  About 100 yards later, she announced, "Ally chew buckle."  Ally, still strapped into her seat, was folded in half, face down to the floor of the wagon, chewing on the end of Sam's seat belt.  Sam's seat belt was, of course, soaked in bubbles, along with the whole bottom of the wagon.  Awesome.  Ally is none the worse for wear a few days later, and everything cleaned up just fine with a hose.  Were it not for the internet, no one would ever know.



In Memoriam

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Spoetzl was almost 16 years old.  His spunky disposition and passionate attachment to Mommy made it especially hard to say good-bye today.
















This weekend, we spoiled him rotten.  He ate crab last night, had catnip, got to play out on the porch, ate treats until I was afraid he'd be sick, played with all his favorite toys... and had to put up with Ally chasing him.  As you can see, even at 16 he could move pretty fast.



Sam is... AWESOME!

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I love the complete lack of self-consciousness you find only in small children.  I am apparently rather redundant in my praise and feedback.  I have discovered that if I say, "Sam is..." and pause, she fills in the blank with "AWESOME!"  And she is 100% right!

We are going to conquer the eating issue.  She wants to, we want to...  A major, major hurdle has been that she does not naturally know how to chew.  Anything she manages to eat has to be mashed up with her tongue and/or dissolved sufficiently to swallow.  Thanks to the therapists at Aspire, she is finally getting this figured out and developing the dexterity to shift food from her tongue over to her teeth.  I am now hearing the occasional "crunch" as she works on her Cheerios or Gerber crunchies.  This should catapult us to the next level when she gets that sorted out.  I am absolutely thrilled.  With competence is coming confidence, as well, and when we went to our usual TexMex dive last weekend, she tried guacamole (liked it), refried beans (not so much), and sopapilla (not at all).  Not to be outdone, Alexa also advanced to the next level by sitting in a high chair, rather than her baby carrier.  It was quite an event!

Sam's gross motor skills are also coming along.  She can now climb up onto a low sofa or table (it's possible she was goaded into learning this in order to escape Ally), and is gaining confidence in her cruising.  With a low surface to lean on, she can also pull to stand.  I find her kneeling at the base of our stairs contemplating the steps regularly, but so far she hasn't given them a real try without my help.  Anyway, all of this is big news in our part of the world - we are very, very happy!


"The Cage"

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In light of Alexa's high energy level, I found it prudent to put a baby playyard in our living room so that I could secure her when I needed to leave the room.

Sam recently watched an episode of Special Agent OSO (a Disney kids' show) in which two children get their bunny ready to go with them for show and tell at school.  The focus is on learning how to get the cage ready, including lining it with newspaper and giving the bunny hay, water, and food.


Sam took a look at this scene and announced, "Ally cage".  Then, she helpfully scooted off, got a piece of paper and started folding it.  She looked up, saw me watching her, and explained, "Newspaper."

One Speedy Baby

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Alexa Grace is into everything.  Everything. 

The other evening, I was making dinner and heard a faint, "Up, please!" from the living room.  I looked in to find Samantha on her knees, clawing at a chair, trying desperately to clamber up and away from Ally, who was tugging at her clothes and hair.

Samantha can no longer have snacks in the living room because Ally will steal them, either knocking them to the floor or stuffing them into her mouth.  Today, Alexa tried pancakes while Daddy's back was turned.  Awesome. 

She isn't truly crawling yet.  She has adopted this belly-based gliding motion that reminds me of a penguin working her way across the ice, especially when she's on the tile or wood floor.  She propels herself with her arms and one foot, and you can hear the slapping sound from another room.  She gets this great, determined look on her face, totally focused on her destination.  She's like a little Michael Phelps.  And she's fast.

She can also get up and down from sitting at light-speed, and she is trying to figure out how to pull to stand so that she can get into the top bins of our toy rack, where I keep the toys she isn't allowed to chew.  Look out, world!

My Beach Babies

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Last weekend, Farmor and Papa G treated the girls (oh, and their parents) to a fantastic weekend at Moody Gardens.  We literally didn't leave the premises, and the girls were quite content with that.  Alexa loved the water and sand.  Samantha loved all the attention.  Both had a great time and are still in recovery mode -- these kiddos are exhausted.

Here, Sam and Papa G are engaged in a rousing duet version of "I Can't Get No Satisfaction."  Sam would yell "I GET NO," splashing and yelling at the top of her lungs, and Papa G supplied the rest.

August 2009 Moody Gardens 016.jpg














August 2009 Moody Gardens 031.jpg













Ally is thinking "If I were just a little taller, that dump truck would be MINE."

August 2009 Moody Gardens 049.jpg























August 2009 Moody Gardens 056.jpg













August 2009 Moody Gardens 044.jpg













August 2009 Moody Gardens 034.jpg












Can I borrow your hat, Farmor?


























MANY thanks to the grandparents for the wonderful weekend, for remembering their camera, and for providing Mom and Dad with a much needed date night on Saturday.  We went out to dinner (still at Moody Gardens - there's actually an excellent restaurant on the top floor of the hotel, with a top-notch chef), enjoyed live music and champagne...  It was a great early celebration of our 14th wedding anniversary -- which is today!  Happy anniversary, honey!