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Beware the Drool Monster

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Little Parrot

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I was working in my home office this morning when Sam scooted around the corner and said in her cute little 2-year-old voice, "Hey Mommy!  How's it goin'?"

Ally Grace is 9 Months Old!

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She weighs 18 lb 13 oz (51st percentile)

She's 30 inches tall (99th percentile)

Her head circumference is 45 cm (79th percentile)

She is crawling, getting up in a 3 point stance, kneeling, eating crackers, and saying goo, ga, da-da-da, and ma-ma-ma.  I think her first word is "Duck".  Whenever she sees a yellow rubber duck, she gets very excited and starts saying, "Du! Du!"

She is happy and very, very active.


Miracle Child

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Sam ate a cracker with peanut butter all by herself today.  In PT she crawled - again, all by herself - several feet across the floor in a "true" crawl (as opposed to her usual commando crawl method).  She will walk, I am just sure of it.

Meanwhile, she's entertaining us all with great imitations of Mommy.  Note the facial expression and hand gesture.

Since I started this new project, her favorite pretend phone conversation has changed from "OK, thanks, bye." to "No, no, no."  Hmmm...













My parents were in town this weekend for 2 1/2 days, and I managed to take ONE picture.  Bad mommy!  Good thing it's a cute picture!



Everybody's Busy

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Sorry for the lag in posting, folks.  Things are getting interesting here.  Thanks to some added (and largely unexpected) expenses at the end of the year, I've taken on a big, new project of about 20-25 hours per week.  It's a great project for a wonderful client, but it's keeping me hopping, as are the girls.  Thank heaven that Nanny Jamie was available to take on more time helping out.  Love her!

Sam is getting to be so big and grown-up.  Her vocabulary expands daily, and she's now regularly speaking 5 word sentences.  She's starting to figure out tenses.  Pronunciation is a challenge, but the words are all in there!














Alexa is moving every moment that she's awake.  Changing her diaper or getting

her dressed is a wrestling match.  She is constantly trying to flip over, wriggle away, or generally create chaos.

I love this little jumper our cousins in Sweden sent for Sam!  Samantha only got to wear it once.  Hopefully Ally will get a little more use out of it.














This week, Ally decided she was done with baby food.  Mind you, she'd never had much else, but she now cries when she sees the jars coming.  I think she wants meat and potatoes, but so far she's been content with zwieback toast, fresh banana, american cheese, and egg yolks.

I call this picture, "FINALLY".



























We've been enjoying more playdates now that Ally is more active and the girls are getting tired of each other by the end of the day.  Their most frequent playmate is Sam's old friend Evan.  I'm not sure who likes him the most.  Ally just cackles at his antics, and he eats it up, running in circles to make her giggle.




Gotta Have That Spunk

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If you are small, you'd better watch yourself around Alexa Grace.  True for Sam, sure, but also true for Elmo.

Ally Makes A Friend















Ally Takes Friend Down and Steals His Chair























Here's a progression I just can't believe.  One week ago:














Two days ago: