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Life Today

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The scene in the Friddle house these days...


PS - Sam has a follow-up MRI on Thursday morning.  Prayers appreciated!





Zoo Time

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Last weekend was so great, one entry couldn't cover all the happenings.

Sunday, we went to the zoo.  The weather was gorgeous, and both girls had a lot of fun.  Samantha really seemed to enjoy it; I was thrilled, because in the past she's found it a little overwhelming. 

Here, Ally is playing one of her favorite games, "Let's bite mommy's nose."  She got her first tooth (finally) on Tuesday, so this may get a little less enjoyable for mommy.





















Best Halloween EVER

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I thought it couldn't beat the year my best friend and I painted up cardboard boxes and went trick or treating as a pair of dice.  I really did.  But here it is, folks.

We kicked off the festivites Friday night with a Halloween party at My Gym, where Samantha takes classes.  Ally hasn't taken a class there yet, but by the looks of things, she will have to start.  She pulled to stand for the first time on this little ball pit. She was crawling all around as fast as she could, squeaking and barking in excitement.

IMG_2751.jpg Sam didn't recognize her sister in costume.  She kept asking, "Where go Ally go?"












Sam had a great time too.  She was a butterfly/ballerina in her little tutu and wings.























The big day was Saturday, though, and it had nothing to do with tricks or treats.  In the midst of the day's chores, I rounded a corner and found Samantha sitting on the bottom step of our staircase!  I didn't put her there.  Daddy didn't put her there.  So we had to infer that she climbed up there all by herself!

And later, we got proof when she spotaneously climbed up again!

























Not to be outdone, li'l sis immediately began trying to figure it out too.
























And here they are, ready for the big event.  When can we get some candy???