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Happy Birthday, Baby!

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Technically, yesterday was Ally's birthday.  Unfortunately, Mommy has been really sick, so we celebrated today instead.  It was so much fun to watch her explore her birthday cupcake.  We all sang Happy Birthday, and Sam was really excited about that.  You can see her clapping in the background.








I'm not sure she really liked the taste of the cake; she doesn't have too much of a sweet tooth.  But, she sure loved playing with the frosting.



Mama's Got a New Ride

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On Monday, I had to use a wrench to get the Yukon started at the post office (nothing big, a bolt is stripped, but still...).  On Monday night, I picked THIS up!

It's dark, so you can't see how totally awesome it is.  :-)

Black 2009 Honda Pilot, gray leather interior, nav system, blue-tooth, rear view camera, all the cool safety stuff and bling my 10 year old truck did not have.  I'm having fun!


CORRECTION:  My husband is really irritated that I incorrectly stated the year of the vehicle.  It's a 2010.  Don't be offended, honey, I can't even get the year right on my checks.


The Cowboy Ballet

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