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God is good. All the time.

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But it's moments like this one where I really, really know it in every fiber of my being.


So, the website I've been working on since late October finally went live around 2 am last Thursday, and after sleeping for about 3 days, I think I am recovered.

The client has told me that my billing needs to be a little lower for the next few weeks, which to say the least is not a problem for me.

We'll be catching up on lots of much needed playdates and some mommy maintenance, as well as perhaps a little friddle.net website maintenance as well.

If you want to check out the customer site, by the way, you can do so at http://www.blockbusterexpress.com

I am so grateful to have had the work - financially it couldn't have come at a better time - but it really is nice to slow down just a little.

To catch up a smidge, here are a few things I've wanted to show everyone that have been lingering too long.





For example, here's a little peek at Samantha's pre-school.  This picture was taken when I dropped her off on the first day.  That was about the last time they let me carry her there.  As her teacher explains, "She won't ever walk if you don't make her."  It seems she's right.  Samantha's walking has gotten a lot more confident in the last several weeks.

We are also working with her physical therapist to find the right walker device so she can get around independently, without have to depend on an adult to walk her.  I think this will be a huge boon for her.  She'll be able to exert some natural independence and also get practice walking when there's no one to help.







She's really sweet when she's ready for school with her little backpack (she carries her stuffed moose in it).  The backpack itself is pretty cuddly - a sheep, brought from Grandma and Grandpa from New Zealand.  Ally has one with a kiwi on it that's equally adorable.



Happy Valentine's Day

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I have the sweetest little Valentines.














Ally started out in different Valentine's Day garb.










But, she's determined that she's going to learn to feed herself.

























She goes through an awful lot of clothes these days...



















Still, Mom and Dad had a good day and even got to enjoy a little champagne and creme brulee after the girls went to bed.



Ally, Amazon

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Ally had her 12 month doctor appointment last week (can you believe?) and here are her stats:

Weight:  21 lb 3 oz (54th percentile)
Height:  32 inches (100th percentile!)
Head circumference: 46 1/2 cm (87th percentile)

She is walking very well and has quite a few words, which include:
- Cracker
- NO!
- Backpack (thank you, Dora the Explorer)
- Duck
- Quack

but do not include:
- Dada
- Mama


She also adorably likes to give big hugs to her stuffed animals, pat them and say, "Awwwwww....."

Ally's Baptism

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mickey.jpgLast weekend was amazing!  Although still recovering from a truly nasty illness, I decided I couldn't ruin Ally's big day, so on Saturday morning we hauled ourselves and a whole Pilot-load of stuff to Dallas for an overnight at Cal's, Ally's baptism and her first birthday party.

I'm still not sure it was smart, but it sure was fun.  We had a little playtime on Saturday with Papa and Michele, and they enjoyed spoiling both girls

Sunday morning, we went over to King of Glory Lutheran Church, where Carl and Caroline grew up and where Helen and Larry are members (and met!).  We were honored to be able to celebrate the sacrament of baptism there. 


Sizing up the Situation














Who Chose This Dress, Anyway?















Making a Break for It














The baptism was performed as a private ceremony after the service.  It was so wonderful to be able to have all of our family standing up there with us for this beautiful occasion.























No Paparazzi, Please! 


"Samantha ate most of her lunch today..."

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Did anyone but me raise an eyebrow at that sentence?  Personally, I almost had to be picked up off of the floor when the classroom aide at Sam's new pre-school greeted me with that when I went to pick her up on Tuesday.

I eyed her suspiciously.  "Samantha Friddle?"


"When you say lunch... do you mean the formula and crackers I sent?"

"No.  We don't give her much, because she never eats, but today she had a couple of raviolis and a pile of green beans."

"And when you say 'ate' you mean..."

"Just picked it up and ate it."

"When you coaxed her, or handed her the spoon?"

"No.  I mean, she mostly used her fingers.  We tried to get her to use the spoon, but she had trouble with it, so she mostly used her fingers."

Huh.  There's a song lyric I think of at moments like this.  It's from a song by Rachel Coleman, who has one daughter who is deaf and one with CP.  To paraphrase, "Samantha will do what Samantha will do when Samantha is ready to do it."

There's another line that comes to mind, too - "Thanks be to God."