Sam's First Graduation

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Samantha had her very last visit with ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) Friday.  I find that mind-boggling.  They did her initial evaluation on her last morning in the NICU.  I remember the first time they came to visit us at home, too.  Sam had been home from the hospital just a few days.  We sat at the kitchen table, with Sam on the floor next to me in her car seat, snoring audibly.  It was all so overwhelming that I cried  Has it really been three years?  Hard to internalize.  They have done so much to help Samantha get to where she is today.  I hated to say goodbye.  In fact, I cried.  Again. 



I think it was emotional for them, too.  Her therapists came together and brought her a birthday cake and presents.














Then, we had a little "graduation" ceremony, complete with cap and gown!


























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