"Hippotherapy" and EEG

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Hippotherapy?  Is that therapy with hippos?  For hippos?  Noooooo....  It's therapy for Sam!  With horses!  Small horses!  Cute horses!

We had an evaluation today and will have our first session next Tuesday.  She'll ride a pony named Bailey.  She's met Bailey twice and is pretty excited to see her again, although when asked if she'd like to sit on her or ride her, Sam answers brightly "No!" with the same sort of chirpy enthusiasm you'd expect to hear with "Yes!"  We'll see how it goes.

The evaluation today went quite well, especially given that when I picked Sam up at school beforehand she had just gotten covered in dirt by one of the little boys in her class.  Sam definitely doesn't like messes, especially on her.  All the way from school to the barn, she was pointing out each and every speck of mulch I'd failed to remove from her shirt, shoes, socks, seat belt...  Interestingly, she wasn't upset when I got there, and babbled about going down the slide on her tummy.  Nor was she upset while we were around the horses.  Hmmm.  

In other news, Weds am we're taking her in for an EEG as follow up on her seizure last month.  I have to be at Memorial Hermann checking in at 7:30 am, with Sam fed, clothed and with a fresh shampoo.  Ugh.  I'll keep you posted on what we learn... after I have a nap and earn my keep for the day.

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