No News = Good News

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Samantha was an absolute champ at her EEG.  They put 32 electrodes on her head with some sort of sticky goo (NOT her favorite sort of experience), wrapped her head in gauze, and had her lie still for a full hour.  She was just awesome and did a great job of staying still.  The only time she cried or complained was when I stopped reading to her briefly, and once again when the test was done and she didn't like waiting to get all of the electrodes off.  I am just sure 9 of 10 toddlers could not have been so patient.

Her neurologist was supposed to get a report on Thursday, and we'll receive it by mail in about 2 weeks.  I assume we would hear from the neuro if they found anything alarming, so we'll just wait... and wait.

Meanwhile, we are enjoying greatly her increasingly chatty personality.  My favorite word right now is "somewho", as in "Somewho is at the door!".

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