Samantha's 3 Year Check-Up

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God's blessings have showered down on us all year, but we really saw the "fruit" at Sam's 3 year well-child check.  Her numbers really look great.  Her pediatrician said for the first time EVER that she "wasn't worried about her weight at this time".  Awesome.  At 1 year, we were talking about GI tubes.  At 2 years, we were talking about feeding clinics.  At 3 years:

Weight: 27 lb 6 oz - 16th percentile!!!!  WAAAAY up from zero to 2 percent much of last year!
Height:  36 1/4 inches - 32nd percentile!!!!!  
Head Circumference:  51 cm - 96th percentile!  A slight drop - good stuff.  We want her head to grow... but not "expand" with the hydrocephalus.

Great numbers.  Thank you, God!  Continuing to see glimmers that she will one day be considered the "most studied normal child in history".

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