Sam's New Scooter

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Sam's had a couple of chances to play with these at therapy, but today we got one of our very own to bring home!  It's revolutionary.  It allows her to get around independently and explore without having to depend 100% on other people.  I can't wait to see the impact on her self-confidence and her curiosity.


Here I just think she's cute.


Not to be forgotten, here's little sis'.  Wearing a skirt, as usual.  And running, as usual.  She's the toughest girly girl I know.

Meanwhile, I can hardly believe it's spring, but the pollen levels tell me it's true.  All of the yellow in this picture is comprised of bright yellow flowers on the vines on this tree.  Hummingbirds love our house!  The other day one buzzed the girls' bright pink bottle of bubbles.

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