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Photos to come, but...

Sam turned 3.  Pictures to come!

We went to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Memphis and had a BLAST.  Pictures to come!

Farmor and Papa G came to visit us, and we had a great time with them too.  More pictures to come!

Sam's CISD teacher started visiting her at pre-school, and it's going very, very well.

Samantha rides a tricycle.

Ally jogs.

Sam loves all things related to trains.

Ally says "no."  Often.

Ally has struggled through a 3 week, double ear infection that was not cured by the first round of antibiotics.  Antibiotics continue to wreak havoc on her digestive system.  Fun for all.

The girls went to a petting zoo, and Alexa enjoyed sneaking up on the animals to quickly touch them, then jumping back to safety.

They both enjoyed Easter very much.  Samantha remembered and enjoyed dying eggs, getting an Easter basket, and hunting for Easter eggs, and Alexa followed right along.  I think Ally is understanding these things earlier than Sam did because she can watch Samantha's interactions with them.

Best of all - NO MORE SEIZURES!!!!

All is well.  EEG scheduled in a couple of weeks, but no follow up MRI for now.

More soon - didn't want to let a full month go by without posting.


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