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Happy Thanksgiving

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We're spending Samantha's first Turkey Day in Palmer, TX with Farmor and Papa G.  Cal is going to drive down for dinner, too, to see baby Sam eat her turkey dinner.

Grandma and Grandpa bought Samantha an adorable little "first Thanksgiving" outfit with a turkey on the front.  It has little dangly legs that Samantha finds quite interesting.  Daddy likes that the patch on the sleeve says "Gobble".









Sam seems to be enjoying the trip much better than last time. 

We got to Palmer Wednesday afternoon.  She actually went to bed on time, around 7.  She was up and starving at 5:30 am, then went back to bed, and didn't nap until 10.  This is an interesting shift in schedule, and I'm wondering if it's due to the travel or if it's just time for a change.  She was also up by 5:30 on Tuesday, clamoring for a bottle.  Tuesday, I tried to treat it as time to get up for the day, but all she wanted to do was go back to bed.  She clearly saw it as a midnight snack, while I was aiming for breakfast.  Every timeI think I have her figured out, she changes again.

For those of you who visit the site heavily, I have made a couple of changes on a go-forward basis only.  In future, I will be tagging all my entries, so you'll be able to search the site.  For instance, you could input "Thanksgiving" or "Palmer" and find all the pictures and the entry from today. 

In addition, you can right click on any photo - from my prior entry forward - and download the full-sized image.  This way, you can have any photo you like printed at your photo center of choice.

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